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Summer Stealth Health

Summer Stealth Health Strategies

Easy-going summer living does not have to mean sacrificing a healthy lifestyle. Whether staying at home and enjoying nice, hot weather or traveling this summer, it is possible to marry both a healthy and a laid back vibe. The key for me is planning. If I take the time to both make my list and prepare, then I am much happier and find I have more time to relax and enjoy summer living, while remaining healthy and as balanced as possible.

Here are a few ideas that are on my list of travel friendly & "stay-cation" essentials.

Small & portable blender: A small and portable blender like this.

Bulk Bins- from mixing your own nut, seed & dried fruit combinations, to dry grains for overnight soaked oatmeal or quinoa or amaranth bowls, this is a powerhouse station to get comfy and spend some time in! For storage at home, I suggest glass containers and/or the fridge.

Shelf-stable non-dairy milks- Oat, Rice, Almond, Coconut, Hemp, Flax,

the list is endless. Buy either the quart sizes or the milk box for single use. These are good for cereals, smoothies, soaked oats, quick snacks, etc.

Produce - Fruit and veggies. Bring a cooler or ask for a fridge in the hotel room. Ice, both dry and regular are our travel buddies! I may be known for keeping a bag of raw veggies resting on the AC vent on a long car trip once, when for some reason, I didn't have a cooler with me. I actually do have a picture of that to prove my dedication (fanatacism?) but I can't find it!

Dry goods - From quick convenient snack foods to easy-to-prepare light meals or meal helpers, here is a smattering of some of the better brands I've been digging lately. As with any packaged food, I do try to tread cautiously (avoiding the packaged varieties when I can) and always read labels! Look out for serving size, calories, sodium, protein, fiber, etc.

but wait! There's more...

and a few more (these are good for adding into smoothies on-the-go, if you don't have access to whole, leafy greens or nuts or seeds).

Canned beans- look for organic and non hormone-disruptive BPA free. Low sodium is a bonus!

These are just a few ideas to help get you started thinking, which should make planning a little easier. Feel free to browse through my recipes on this site (recipe tab above) for some further planning ideas. I hope you're feeling inspired to jump in and make a "spash-healthy" summer plan of your own, so that you can jump and splash and relax in that pool!

Happy Summer everyone!

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