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I hope you are still feeling the benefits of the WayToGoClean program and enjoying good food without guilt. It is a work in progress!  Remember, it's not about being "perfect" or living in "food denial."   It's deciding how you want to feel,  and then deciding which foods will help you feel this way and which ones won't.

If you've completed the WayToGoClean program and are having some bumps in the road - personal challenges that are affecting the way you eat ... slipping back into old habits ...  feeling your cravings or symptoms again - then please know I am here to help.  I have just created a PLUS 3 program specifically for my clients who have completed WayToGoClean and are looking for a little follow-up support. 


 We all go through phases and sometimes we need a little refresher and some individualized support.  I am happy to be your support person!  Just let me know how I can help.  In the meantime, look over your journal notes from WTGH to help remind yourself of the progress you made and the way you felt.   Your own personal results are often the best motivator for making real changes!

  • Three 30-minute sessions following the WayToGoClean program

  • Tailor your sessions to what you want most at the time! Choose from:

    • Private one-on-one sessions customized to your individual needs and challenges

    • One-on-one Whole Foods or grocery store tour. Learn how to shop, what to buy, and tips and strategies only your nutrition coach knows!

    • Home “pantry raid and fridge fix.”  Learn what to toss and how to stock the right foods!

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Transition strategies during your last session, to ensure that you have the tools and the confidence to sustain your new healthy choices!

What You Will Get

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