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The WayToGoClean Detox Starts When You Are Ready!


My healthy life starts now!


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"Lost 7 lbs & 4.5 inches. Feel great, clothes fit better, feeling in control of my eating. Don't miss too many things, like sugar and caffeine."   


"Lost 14 lbs & 9.5 inches! I see a noticable reduction in join pain, and an increase in energy!"


"I'm down 7 lbs & 5 inches.  My clothes are comfortable, I'm sleeping better, my skin is clearer, fewer headaches!"   


"My biggest 'aha' moment was when I realized my connection between food and reward. Now I have different ways to reward myself, that are much healthier."   


"I lost 8 pounds and I now have way better replacements for when I am truly hungry"   


"I'm so thrilled I finally got my IBS under control."  


"9 lbs lost, better skin"   


"Lost 7 pounds and got rid of my middle 'tire'!"   


"Lost 7 pounds in three weeks; down 13 inches. Joint pain in hands much reduced. Cholesterol went down 23 points from borderline high to desirable"   


"Feel great, NO cravings and tons of energy- plus the scale is going down. Fantastic recipes and support. SO GLAD I JUMPED ON THE BANDWAGON"

Are you ready to check “lose weight” off your to-do list?


This is the perfect time to get back into a healthier routine, reset your body, lose weight and gain more energy!


Succeed once and for all! No more worrying constantly about losing weight! 


The WTG Clean Detox is the jumpstart you’ve been looking for.  You will not starve! You will not be only juicing! You won’t count points or calories! There are no magic vitamins or shakes; just real food for your real life.


Quite simply, this program can transform your body and your life through healthy eating.


If you are frustrated by diets that don’t work... if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired ... if you want to avoid the blahs ... then NOW is the time to join this life-transforming program.


This is the program you've been waiting for! You can expect to:


  • Lose weight and inches

  • Eat delicious, easy-to-prepare real foods -- not just juices and shakes

  • Eliminate cravings and kick the habits that sabotage your weight loss efforts

  • Sleep better and wake up more energized

  • Enjoy greater brain clarity and a balanced, calmer mood

  • Eliminate headaches, joint pain, mood swings, digestive issues, and many other symptoms

  • Have my support during the entire process!


Best of all, continue to experience the benefits months after finishing the program! This is perfect for you if:


  • You feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and you want someone to tell you what to do to achieve your goals

  • You have been struggling to lose weight for too long and are finally ready to make it happen

  • You fight cravings or the "afternoon slump" and you are ready to have more energy and clarity

  • You want the support and structure necessary to set you up for success


How It Works:


WayToGo Clean - Detox can be done from anywhere with a phone and email. The step-by-step Detox Guide, Recipe Guide, Worksheets, meal plans, healthy tips, and real-world advice are delivered straight to your email inbox. Within a day of purchase, you will receive your first email with the Detox Guide and the Recipe Guide.  You will also receive instructions for what to do next. And no worries because I am with you every step of the way!


  • We’ll have a 30-minute one-on-one call before you start, to answer questions and talk about your individual challenges and goals

  • I’ll send you daily email motivation and helpful tips throughout the program! You'll also have email access to me for the entire 21 days

  • You'll have a Step by Step Detox Guide

  • You'll have a Recipe Guide with over 75 amazing recipes from which to choose

  • You'll be invited to join my online community, a private group of like-minded people so you can connect, learn and gain inspiration

  • You’ll also have a bonus one-on-one wrap-up call with me to celebrate your success and learn how to make your results last long beyond the 21 days!

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