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QUIZ - for a healthy & sane holiday

Healthy & Sane Holiday Quiz

1. Which is best? ☐ pumpkin pie ☐ pecan pie ☐ red wine ☐ mixed drink ☐ champagne ☐ beer ☐ mashed potatoes ☐ mashed cauliflower ☐ guacamole ☐ hot artichoke dip ☐ pecan pie ☐ chocolate fondue ☐ eggnog ☐ hot chocolate

2. What do nutmeg, cinnamon, & cayenne have in common? 3. Emergency snack bag: handful almonds & choc chips or bottle apple juice 4. T/F- drinking a lot of alcohol makes it harder to burn off fat 5. T/F- if you pig out at dinner, you’re more likely to be hungry next morning. 6. Which has the least calories? Hershey’s milk choc bar, 3 musketeers bar, package of m&m’s? 7. Which is healthiest at Starbucks for your 3pm slump? mocha frap w/ whole milk & whipped cream, iced coffee w/ whole milk, caramel macchiato w/ whole milk, café latte w/ whole milk? 8. Which type of nuts is high in omega-3 fatty acids? 9. What’s the healthiest way to cook egg? scrambled, poached, fried? 10. When baking, what’s the healthiest substitute for butter? 11. Rank these berries in order of their antioxidant content, highest to lowest: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries

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