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20+ Thoughts for 2020

  1. Resilience. The ability to bounce back from whatever gets tossed at you or whatever you create. Seriously- one of the most important traits to foster and develop.

  2. Humor. Duh. Effective in almost every situation. But most powerfully at yourself!

  3. Patience. In everything. In everyone. In public. In private. And especially in yourself. See a trend here?

  4. Curiosity. Read articles from news that doesn’t create an echo chamber for what you already believe.

  5. Challenge. Stretch your mind. Read non fiction if you always read fiction. Read a cookbook. Travel blogs. Read!

  6. Learn a new skill. Take an online class from Udemy or similar.

  7. Try a new hobby. From pottery to plants to pickleball- there is something out there for you to try!

  8. Travel. Near or far- expand your world knowledge and cultural awareness.

  9. Cook more. If you cook twice a week, increase it to three times. It can be simple or not- just play and experiment in the kitchen more.

  10. Be honest in everything. Especially with yourself, which can be the hardest of all.

  11. Try a new food a week. Go to an international grocery store and strike up a conversation with someone buying a food you’ve never had. Ask how he/she will cook it.

  12. Surround yourself with positive & supportive people; dismiss the others.

  13. Keep your fridge clean and organized. Every Sunday toss anything that is old, questionable or that you’re never going to finish.

  14. Smile at strangers.

  15. Hold the door for anyone and everyone.

  16. Stick to the tried and true. Sometimes it just works.

  17. Listen to podcasts and keep a list of the good ones.

  18. Share. Your wisdom. Your strength. Your courage. Your humor. Your love. Your favorite podcasts.

  19. Watch a Pixar movie. My pick- Coco! Trust me.

  20. Indulge. Chocolate. Ice cream- whatever it is for you, just make sure it’s good and enjoy it.

And 3 bonus thoughts because sometimes it's good to ...

  1. Push that envelope! Go above and beyond once in a while, and give or do more than is expected or necessary!

  2. Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else, anonymously.

  3. Appreciate daily. Practice a Gratitude Attitude. Every time you wake and every time you go to sleep, think of two things for which you're grateful. (A wise woman recently gave me this gem of an idea!)

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