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we all like sweet. fruits and veggies are sweet with natural sugars (fructose) that our bodies need. we process natural sugars differently than added sugars. but when we want to add sweetness to a food, what to use? there is a lot of uncertainty about which sweeteners are good and which are not. according to dr. mercola and a study done by msn health, the best are stevia, sugar alcohols, honey (manuka), pure glucose. the worst are aspartame, agave (& fructose), splenda.

in a nutshell, the toxic chemicals in aspartame and sucralose (splenda) can lead to birth defects, cancer and weight gain, anemia, kidney problems. agave may be worse than high fructose corn syrup because it has a higher fructose content than any other sweetener. fructose can lead to weight gain by messing with your metabolism, decreased HDL, increased LDL, and can lead to insulin resistance.

for a more in depth look at why each of these is good or bad, see the article here:

i hope you all have a very happy, sweet AND healthy day!

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