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Super Green or Miracle Drug?

Ever heard of pissenlit? Exotic French food, or wildly healthy food? Funny name, right? If I told you that this little leafy green plant could help with a variety of issues, ranging from digestion to acne, from weight reduction to diabetes, from kidney stones to constipation, from constipation to diarrhea, help with anemia and cholesterol levels, and much more, would you race right out to find it? What if I told you that you could step outside right now and find it. Are you intrigued? Still reading? Have you guessed what it is by now?

Dandelion greens, (or pissenlit - translated to "piss in bed," as it is a diuretic) is a super healthy leafy veggie grown in the early spring. If it's resiliency in the ground is any indication of how it will help our bodies, we need to be ingesting this more! This is a mega source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It's high in vitamins A and K, calcium, fiber, potassium, phosphorus and iron, and the B vitamins - thiamine and riboflavin. All of this information is from USDA studies; Russian studies have also shown them to be high in trace elements, like copper, zinc, cobalt, vitamin D and boron.

If helping with digestion, reducing swelling and inflammation, helping treat acne, and the laxative and diuretic effects are appealing to you, you might want to give the leafy green a try.

SO. How do you get this wonderfood and once it's in your kitchen- what to do with it? I don't recommend picking locally, as most of our grass is loaded with chemicals. Farmer's markets, Whole Foods, and MOM's Organic all have them. Treat them as you would regular salad greens - in a big mixed salad, in a green smoothie, or mixed into eggs. You can even make tea out of dandelion - contact me and I'll show you how!

If you'd like a quick recipe idea, visit my page at, and for my weekly quick tips and tricks on getting and staying healthy, I'm on facebook at

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