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Venice: 20 Fun Findings

  1. There are zero cars, motorcycles or bikes! Anywhere!

  2. Finding an address = impossible. Houses are numbered by districts, not the streets. So do NOT trust Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, or your eye sight. Even when you've successfully found a location two times, you will get lost on your third time.

  3. Even when lost at night, you'll be perfectly safe. Even in dark deserted alleys. Even at 2am.

  4. Ambulance by boat can be efficient.

  5. Garbage pick up by boat can be beautiful.

  6. They have kitchen oil collection vessels in local parks.

  7. Roasted vegetables are always, and I mean always - zucchini, red pepper and eggplant.

  8. When they offer fish, it's most likely the whole fish, head included. If they offer to filet it for you, they will do so at the table. This may make you cry. It may cause a scene. You may cry in the bathroom. You may up eating gelato for dinner. You will consider never eating fish again.

  9. The darkest chocolate gelato is both vegan & gluten free, and is amazing- any time of day.

  10. No clothes dryers in Venice make for beautiful art on the buildings.

  11. Hearing no horns or engines or smelling engine exhaust for 3 days is sheer, rejuvenating bliss.

  12. Venice has some kick ass local pubs.

  13. Staying in an Air BNB is the best way to feel like you're actually living like a local. Stopping in at a neighborhood pub on your way home at night is a great way to meet cool neighbors.

  14. Venetians love their shih-tzu's & dauschunds.

  15. It's not easy being older, infirm or non ambulatory. Way too many steps and uneven cobblestone. Venetians take care of their aging family.

  16. Even if you walk 10 miles+, you will always meander into a new palatza or new neighborhood. And there will always be >3 gelato places. And many, many leather purse shops. Ask my husband and daughter.

  17. Sambucca tastes better here.

  18. Don't even try to figure out what prego means.

  19. You can not take enough pictures of the canals, colors, golden magical lighting & textures.

  20. Kids chattering in Italian never gets old.

  21. It's pretty fun going running here. Fun fact: there are >400 bridges in Venice! Crossing more than 30 bridges per run and through 10+ neighborhoods on a short 30 minute run is exhilarating. Getting lost on the way home is even better.

  22. Venetians may not naturally smile and say hi as they pass on the streets, but once engaged in conversation, they are lovely, helpful, hospitable, warm and charming.


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