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Healthy Travel Tips

Research Food & Stock Up at Destination

  • Plan & Prep! Make Snack Packs before you go! Ideas: dry cereal, nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

  • Pack non-perishables: shelf-stable non-dairy milks, oats, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit.

  • Google nearby grocery stores or healthy food stores before you go.

  • Pick up once there: carrots, cucumbers, celery, hummus, guacamole, fruit, mixed greens, and canned beans.

  • Yelp or Google are fabulous sources for crowd-sourcing healthy, well-rated restaurants.

  • Book a room with a small refrigerator.

Make Breakfasts & Lunches Healthy

  • Make your breakfasts when possible for strongest, healthy start (think: overnight oats with shelf-stable milk boxes or protein shake).

  • Pack your lunches, knowing that even healthy “snack” food can serve as a lunch (nuts, fresh fruit, seeds).

  • Avoid processed, greasy foods.

  • Try to have a healthy fat & protein at each meal to keep satiated.

  • Bring your own previously made snack packs with you as you head out for the day.

Restaurant Rules

  • Research menus ahead of time.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask nicely for special requests (grilled, not fried; salad, not fries…).

  • Remember appropriate serving sizes.

  • Salads: ask for dressings on the side, or even better - use a squeeze of lemon and a little olive oil on your greens. Remember the toppings add up.

  • If you do chose dessert, and once in a while you should because it IS vacation, choose wisely. Pick something you truly love, and enjoy a small serving.

Don’t Skimp On Sleep

Find Fitness Favs

  • Look for opportunities for healthy movement wherever you are, whether it’s a yoga studio, a cross fit box, or a paddle boarding session.

  • Design your own fitness plan. Find a local park for a bodyweight workout, swim laps in the pool, use the parking lot for your own obstacle course involving pushups, sit-ups, squats, sprints.

  • Walk - everywhere! If you know me, you know I drag my family way more than they’re normally comfortable walking, but it helps with digestion and with weight!

  • Rent a bike whenever possible. Exploring by bike opens up whole new areas that would not have been found by foot. Bring a map and explore!

  • Think twice before calling that Uber. Is the destination walkable? Is it bikeable?

  • Research if there is a City Bike Share option.

Drink. Drink a lot. Just make sure it’s water…

  • And if it’s not water, have a full glass of water in between those “non-water” drinks.

Air Aware

  • Look up food choices at your gates ahead of time. Plan what you'll bring on the plane; do not count on plane food.

  • Drink water regularly (even though it means using the plane potty...).

  • Bring an empty refillable water bottle, which you will fill up after security.

  • If the flight is longer than 2 hours, get up regularly to stretch and walk the aisles.

Pack Gym Gear & Supplements

  • Having your workout clothes & shoes unpacked and ready to go is good reminder to set your alarm at night to squeeze in that extra 30 minute morning workout before beginning your day of vacation!

  • Bring your fitness tracker and charger.


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